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Get to know our story through our words. 

Sakshar Law Associates is a full-service law firm based in New Delhi, India. We are passionate about empowering our clients by providing them with the best possible legal services 

The team at Sakshar share a common belief that no two clients are the same. Integrity, discretion, and sensitivity underpin everything we do.

At Sakshar's we listen well in order to understand how and where we can be most effective, without compromising our integrity. We like to learn from all and welcome the opportunities to get educated. This in return acts as a bedrock through which we can get knowledge of our client's business and the market they operate in.

We understand that everyone has a story that is backed by a rich tapestry of deep history and purpose. Our goal is to help you express a unique message without worrying about legal pitfalls. 


We sincerely believe the principal of great relationship yields in best outcomes.   

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